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When Hiring a Design Firm, There are Many Factors to Consider

When Hiring a Design Firm, There are Many Factors to Consider

Because of the plethora of activities that most entrepreneurs have on their "To Do" list, it seems that many side jobs - such as creating a logo - are pushed off until the very last minute. That's when numerous business owners understand how critical it is to find the correct graphic design studio in order to have their company's logo designed and implemented.

Here are a few things you should ask yourself while looking for a graphic design business, whether it's in the conventional sense or on the internet:


Given that many businesses are already strapped for cash, choosing a design service that will compensate dissatisfied customers is critical. Nothing is more stressful than spending numerous hours working with a designer to acquire changes to a logo design, only to wind up with a logo that is completely different from what the business owner had in mind in the first place. Make certain that the firm you choose has a money-back guarantee.

Ample resources are available

Because most small company owners that consult with advertising firms simply want a logo design, most advertising companies will not devote a significant amount of time and resources to that account, as would be expected. In other words, they will almost never, if ever, assign more than one individual to work on your logo design project. Freelance designers are used to working alone as well.

As far as it is feasible, look for a business that will allocate more than one designer to your project. For example, consider internet design services such as, which provide at least two designers on each assignment. Having an additional brain will allow you to be more creative, and you'll be twice as likely to enjoy the design suggestions that are presented to you.

What is the procedure for revision?

However, depending on what you negotiate or what your design package includes, you might find yourself paying through the nose for each round of modifications. Look for a provider that will provide you with an infinite number of revisions at no additional charge.


You should be given a specific timeframe by which you can expect to view the finished product from a reputable design business. Always ask how long it will take them to come up with their first notions and how long it will take them to revise those concepts before you start working with them. Don't take the danger of employing a company that requires artwork to be completed in weeks rather than days.


Though it may be more difficult to determine, do all you can to determine whether or not the firm is professional in its methods. Check to see whether the firm relies on clipart or if they provide creative graphic design services, and make sure they are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Inquire how many customers they have served and how many of those customers would recommend them to a friend.

Additional services are available

Are there any further services available? Following the creation of your logo, you will almost certainly want to do something with it. A company that designs stationery, business cards, websites, brochures, and advertisements for you will save you a lot of time and headaches. The fact that they will put your brand on t-shirts, stickers, mugs, and caps is even better.

As long as you follow these recommendations, your logo design process should be a joy rather than a nightmare, and you'll most likely save a significant amount of money and time as a result.

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